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 We The People Will Fund The Wall !!!

By: Purple Heart Recipient triple amputee veteran.  


Triple Amputee Vet Raises $1,361,421 to Build Wall in Two Days .

        $1 Billion Goal           $1 Billion Goal             $1 Billion Goal

 100% goes for the wall !

 Even $5.00 helps-shows the people want-the-Wall !!!!!-NOW !

 *Wall is cheaper-the no wall-drugs,gangs, welfare, etc..

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• How do you know this is not a scam?

I'm using my real name, my real information, you can contact me and hold me accountable. People who try to scam you will not be upfront with their information, they will hide and not use their name. I have a public figure Facebook page with a blue check  mark issued by facebook that verifies my identity.  I'm a retired United States Air Force member who was wounded in Iraq, and lost 3 limbs. I have a website where you can verify more about me.  I will respond. I've been on Fox News many times, you can see I'm credible and a real person. The Gary Sinise Foundation also built me and my family a home. Do your research before donating, and contact me if you have any questions.

• How will we get the funds to the right place?

We have contacted the Trump Administration to secure a point of contact where all the funds will go upon completion. When we get this information secured we will update. We have many very high level contacts already helping.

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