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  The Internet: Is not Broken. So no need for Controls.!

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The fight for Net Neutrality has reached a crucial moment. The FCC Chairman just called for new Net Neutrality rules, and he is being supported by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and numerous congressional leaders. Now we need a powerful, public show of support. More than 1.9 million people have already called for Congress and the FCC to support Net Neutrality. If we can reach 2 million, we'll send a resounding message that Washington won't be able to ignore.
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  News Flash---10/27/11 Rogue---Websites---bill---Creates


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     New national defense bill authorizes U.S. military detention of
 American citizens indefinitely!!! 
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  Hagel Warned Of Rogue ‘New World Order’, Now He’s Fired 11/24/14                 

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