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     A video of the incident shows the crazed protester verbally abusing the stone-faced officer marching with hundreds
of other officers before spitting at him and walking away.  Breitbart - 6/04/18                                                                                                     <---     (Click)

 Chelmsford Tells Business To Remove ‘Excessive’ American Flags   6/01/18 (Click)

SHOCK: Taxpayer Cash Laundered Through Somali Daycares to Fund Terrorism
Suitcases stuffed with millions in taxpayer cash sent to Middle East           Jamie White | - May 15, 2018 <---Visit-Click

 Deep State poised to strike back  Alex Jones | 4/21/18 <---Click      ***WoW!!! ****       

CHAOS ALERT: Dem leader calls for deploying UN troops on the streets of America.

     12/17/17 by: Mike Adam Natural News  <---Click

 Why Robert Mueller Must Be Removed And His Partisan Hit Squad Dismantled !        

12/22/17  Thestonecoldtrutheditor   <---CLICK



 The TOP 10 most DESPICABLE people (and institutions and movements) of 2017   

 12/20/17 by: JD H.  naturalnews   <---Click-Here

 Irrefutable Film Footage Of Climate Engineering Aerosol Spraying ( )  3/16 CLICK


 Legal drugs kill more people than illegal ones:

Research shows prescription drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death Visit-Click

                                 The Truth-Can Set (You) "FREE" !!!  

 Growing vegetables in your own yard now confirmed as a criminal offense by Florida courts…

INSANITY is now LAW             12/13/17 by: Vicki Batts VISIT

 It’s official: The mainstream               Media is (Dead) – CLICK & visit

Biggest story of year is media dishonesty and hatred of American public ! 12/13/17 by: Vicki Batts Naturalnews


U.S. officials increasing taking North Korean EMP threat seriously, knowing MILLIONS  of Americans could die 12/2617 by: JD Heyes naturalnews    CLICK


       World's Worse Person:   (11/17)    Click Here


 Natural News calls for the arrest and criminal indictment of

Rosie O’Donnell for attempted BRIBERY of U.S. Senators....CLICK & Visit 12/20/17 by:JD Heyes

              CBD-Facts & Sales + Free Aff. Program  CLICK


  “Generation Zapped” documentary exposes MASSIVE health risks associated with

wireless technology     2/15/17 by: JD Heyes  www.naturalnews (click)

   The Democrat party is now officially a domestic terrorism group:

DNC Deputy Chair endorses Antifa terror tactics handbook that promotes

      “Kill Zones” for        conservatives and whites.  1/07/18 by: Ethan Huff    naturalnews  <---Click

    Do you have “Intel inside” your computer? If so, you could be at risk: Major flaw in Intel processors

makes them vulnerable to hackers!    1/06/18 by: Ralph Flores    naturalnews <---Click

  So-called “minimum wage” for federal workers hits $100K as bloated government loots America !!!                                           1/6/18 by: Robert Jonathan    naturalnews <---click

       Far left Politifact now being used by Facebook to censor bombshell news that Democrats don’t want you to read.             12/13/17 by: Jayson Veley  <---Click

 A different kind of heart attack: New research finds a broken heart  permanently weakens the organ in a similar way.   12/14/17 by: Janine Acero         Visit