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 Stop the search for security !

The outer world will always change.
Any safety or security you find in the physical world
is not permanent and will one day be gone.
The only true security that endures is through knowing
and feeling this eternal Divine Being that you are.
Yes!  You are the Infinite Divine manifestation everlasting!
Keep on relaxing into this, and enjoy the ride.      

By: Jafree Ozwald-Owner-HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE

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                        I have been to India four times, and each time I go I fall more in love with the homeless children that I met in a town called Tiruvanamali.  Since 2006 I’ve been
 helping them feed, clothe and shelter the orphaned unwanted children in this town.  It has been one of the greatest feelings in the world to see their happy faces
when I arrive.  I had my 41st birthday party with them, you can see a few photos below! I’ve found such a great love giving to the people of India.  Just seeing the
IMMENSE gratitude on their faces is life changing.  The past few years we’ve helped people donate thousands of dollars to these precious beings in need of attention.
  I hope you can help as it is truly an amazing sensation to know that you are helping these orphans receive the bare necessities that most people take for granted.
The man who runs the shelter goes by the name “Babu” and I stayed with him and we stayed at his house for 2 weeks when I was there for my birthday in February 2011.
 I’ve seen the work and progress they are doing, and he is a very good soul as he has devoted his entire life to this children, so I am 100% of your money will go to
the right place.  

 By:Jafree Ozwald the founder   & Creator of Enlightened Beings
                 More Info. about the Shelter-  -    Visit Here                  

    Do not worry; Be Happy

 {Think Positive!- Dream It!- Believe It!- Achieve It!}