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4.I Heard Research Shows Helping Others Is Good For "YOUR" Health  (A Great Reason).

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Self-Reliance is the way to survive and thrive in this Age of: Turmoil that we have "Entered".

Navy Proves Flu Shot Causes Flu  2/25/15 Canadian scientists and the U.S.

Navy say flu shots ineffective.  <-VisitClick------Hot Info...

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                   "Success" Starts With An Attitude Of Positive Expectancy

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"Swine Flu" Vaccine: Untested, Uninsurable, Unproven! Dr. Rima E Laibow MD - Natural Solutions Medical Director continues her discussion of the Swine Flu Vaccine in this
 Part 2 of her recent series. In this part she discusses the situation in the Stat..    (Click-More-Info..)

 Feds dub young man enemy combatant for uploading video to YouTube  Learn more:



  War on drugs revealed as total hoax   (11/16/11) US military admits to guarding,  

assisting lucrative opium trade in Afghanistan.     Visit Here


     California  "Cops"  Impose-police-state-following-shooting/ 10/27 <--Visit-Click

       Chemtrail-Poisons-are-ruining-your-health-from- above-and-you-may-not-know/    Visit--Click

  "Success is connected with action. Successful people keep moving.   They might make mistakes,but they don't quit" !    ~Robert Arnold

 JFK--The Speech That Cost Him    Visit-Click <---WoW!!!

       Wow!!       Ex (NFL) member Becomes Farmer-For the poor!  Visit


 “An economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough revenue to balance the budget  just as it will never produce enough jobs or enough profits.”by John F. Kennedy

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