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  The Federal  Reserve Is (Not) A federal Org.-But:Private!!!!!



Congressman: “we should think about changing the Fed and getting rid of the Federal Reserve.”     Ron Paul!  More Info.         Go Here   & Here

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Donald Trump: Chinese 'Looking to Strip Us of Everything'

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Chinese 'Looking to Strip Us of Everything'

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The-federal-reserve-is-not-going-to-save-us-from-the-great-depression-that-is-coming/ 7/18

  Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security. " Benjamin Franklin "


    CIA: U.S. finances at bottom of planet: 

You'll flip when you see list of nations performing better

Read more: CIA: U.S. finances at bottom of planet  <-------CLICK


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  *Eighty percent* of the American people would support Audit the Fed.



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