Freeze Dry Food: At Home & Save Money !!!


Benefits of freeze drying your own food at home.  
Learn how to prepare, store, and re-hydrate.

 Discover the types of food that can be freeze dried.

 Freeze drying saves money, food, and your health.



Dare to Compare :

Home Freeze-dried Food vs. Dehydrated, Canned and Frozen

How does freeze drying your own food at home compare to other preservation methods? We noticed a HUGE difference in food we freeze dried ourselves and the dehydrated
food one buys from a store.  Here’s a quick side-by-side of dehydrated banana chips from a store (right) and our own batch of freeze dried bananas on the left.

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Freeze Drying Eggs & Dairy

It’s true! You can easily freeze dry eggs to save money on rising egg prices. You can even freeze dry them raw to use later as cooking ingredients. When stored properly, they have a shelf life of 15 years.


Preserve Your Garden Harvest

Every year we plant a garden and every year we produce much more than we can eat or preserve. We gave so much away. Our freeze dryer now makes it possible to eat our own fresh produce in the middle of the winter!

Spy the Avocados

You can freeze dry avocados!  They’re just as perfect as when they were fresh. This is a game changer, considering how quickly avocados ripen and spoil! And,
 rehydrated they make the perfect guacamole.

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